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The New Jersey Bulls

​The New Jersey Bulls
Bulls players are developed mentally and physically for power, quickness, explosiveness, and for performance and health sustainability. Our goal is to get each player to move as efficiently and effectively as possible. Each player will understand and implement biomechanical movement patterns to maximize their energy output. Not only will they learn how to fix themselves mechanically, they will also learn how to fix their teammates movements. Our teams track and monitor their throwing, hitting and strength and conditioning progress through the use of our technology. All progress and development data is logged and analyzed, giving us the ability to adapt the training programs to specifically fill the needs of each individual.

Bulls players will be taught as professionals. They will learn how to play the game properly, how to carry themselves properly, how to play the psychological part of the game, how to gain a competitive advantage from the body languages and information the other team is giving us, etc. Players will learn things that MUST be used for Bulls teams and individual progress only. There will be information, theories and philosophies learned and implemented that are not being taught anywhere else. That is OUR information to use to OUR advantage ONLY!
The New Jersey Bulls teams are designed to adhere to players

The DoJo: Our facility is a 6,000sf warehouse space build out with one focus; to develop and prepare athletes for success at the highest level. The DoJo has clay mounds, big screen TV’s with camera’s and software for biomechanical analysis, technology that reads statistics and stress points with your swing, your throws and your strength and conditioning programs. Our gym is fully equipped for functional high level training. We have the tools and equipment necessary to develop each individual athlete for fulfillment of their specific needs and wants.